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Cruising Blog – August 2018

I am so excited to tell you all about my latest adventure!! I have recently spent ten days cruising on a ship around the Pacific Ocean!!!!

It was absolutely awesome from start to finish!!

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My adventure began with a plane trip from Blenheim to Auckland where I stayed with my Brother, his wife and family. So great to meet with them and enjoy their awesome hospitality and a lovely evening meal.

The next day my partner and I had a look around the harbour district in the Auckland Viaduct and I was pleased to see a display of Ariki New Zealand Jewellery in one of the stores – it looked so beautiful and filled me with pride to see the tourists to New Zealand buzzing around the display.

Then it was time to board the ship – “The Pacific Jewel” at 245.08 m (804 ft. 1 in) long, and 12 decks this magnificent ship towered over us as we stood on the wharf The evening was calm and sunny as we cruised across the Harbour and out into the Pacific Ocean. Leaving the “City of Sails” as Auckland city is affectionately known far behind us.

Please follow this blog in the upcoming weeks.

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