The beautiful Paua Shell (Haliotis Iris) is sourced from New Zealand’s coastal waters. The shell is harvested from areas renowned for their water quality, both pollution free and rich in minerasls. These mineral give the New Zealand Paua shell its intense depth of colour and thickness of shell.

The shells when harvested are coated with a thick layer of marine growth and lime. This growth is removed to reveal the dazzling designs of nature in each shell. These shells are then ground, cut and polished by the crafts people in our Blenheim factory in New Zealand. After the shell has been prepared it is set into Sterling Silver 925 panels.

The Ariki Sterling Silver Collection is presented in a satin lined jewellery box. Each box features a window so that jewellery can be displayed with the box closed. This is an anti-tarnish measure. Each box has a piece of anti-tarnish paper inserted to preserve the lustre of the jewellery.

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