Ariki’s Paua is harvested from areas renowned for their water quality, both pollution free and rich in minerals. These minerals give the New Zealand Ariki Paua shell its intense depth of colour and thickness of shell. By using only the best quality Paua shells Ariki’s Paua shell jewellery is able to clearly distinguish itself from its imitators all around the world.

Ariki’s jewellery collections are proudly produced at Ariki’s factory in Blenheim, with a proud history of being a New Zealand based manufacturer employing New Zealanders to produce quality handcrafted jewellery.

Regarded by Maori (New Zealand Indigenous people) as ‘Taonga’ or treasure. Legend has it that Paua was a special gift from The God of the Sea.

There is no other shell in the world that has the colours like the Ariki Paua Shell – The swirls in the natural shell vary considerably- from intense greens and pinks to purples and deep blues – vibrant changing rainbows of colour, no two shells are identical.

These iridescence colours change with the light when viewed from different angles. Our Ariki Paua range is available in both 22 carat gold and palladium plate.