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As I mentioned in my last blog – we have just recently launched a range of charm bracelets and of course the unique thing about charm bracelets is that you can add your choice of special unique pieces to the bracelet, with that in mind we have also created a range of clip on charms to add to your collection.
These sweet charms are easy to attach and take off your bracelet as they come complete with a “lobster claw” clasp

The eternal symbol of love – The beautiful Paua Shell heart on our elegant timeless piece of jewellery symbolises the love of many things – including those for whom we may purchase it.
The Heart Charm may also symbolise the love you have for the memories and the journey that your bracelet is building as you add more and more charms to it.

Teardrop crystals symbolize the end of tears and beginning of joy and happiness. The beautiful Teardrop shaped cabochon in this elegant charm is sure to bring joy to its wearer. With such a timeless simple design the Teardrop Charm is sure to add a highlight to your Charm Bracelet.

The Kiwi is a native flightless bird unique to New Zealand – just as unique as our beautiful Paua.
It is widely known as an iconic symbol of our country as well as being the colloquial name fondly given to all New Zealanders. Our cute wee Kiwi jewellery piece symbolises our national pride and is truly treasured by all that wear it.
What a perfect way to honour this pride and memories of our beautiful country by wearing the cute wee Kiwi Charm on your bracelet.

The kangaroo is a marsupial with large, powerful hind legs, large feet adapted for leaping, a long muscular tail for balance, and a small head. These animals native to Australia, are the unofficial symbol for the country. Our beautiful piece of jewellery may be worn with pride by both Australians and those who have visited this beautiful country and seen this majestic animal for themselves.

The Boomerang was originally used as a hunting tool by the Aboriginals – it is now however considered an Australian Icon. Traditionally they are known to always return to the point from which they were thrown. Our cute wee boomerang charm featuring a stunning piece of Paua shell is sure to be treasured and returned to wear many times by whoever purchases it.

Australian Charms

Australian souvenirs and icons: boomerang and oblong

Australia Cairns Boomerang.jpg
Australian Aboriginal Boomerangs (source: Wikipedia)

CC BY-SA 1.0, Link

In this final “series” I would love to give you a couple more examples of special unique pieces of Paua Shell Jewellery. Handmade and lovingly crafted here in New Zealand.

Boomerang Pendant 

Paua Boomerang Pendant - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery


Visitors to Australia cannot miss the sight of a boomerang, the colourfully painted angled throwing stick you spot in every gift shop but you may not know that the boomerang has a very deep significance. — Especially to Indigenous Australians, the Aboriginals.
The boomerang represents their 60,000-year links to Australia, because they’ve been used for as long as Indigenous nations have thrived on the Australian continent.

Aboriginal Mythology

Boomerangs play a key role in Aboriginal mythology, known as The Dreaming — mythical characters are said to have shaped the hills and valleys and rivers of the landscape by throwing the sticks around in the hunt.

The boomerang was primarily a weapon for hunting and fighting, but may have been used for many purposes. Some of these include making fire, stoking coals, levering bark off trees, and digging, clearing areas of ground, cutting cooked meat, and scraping and smoothing other tools. They were also used in many parts of Australia in traditional games, dances or rituals.

Boomerang as a gift

The boomerang’s ability to return has made it a favourite symbol for the tourism and transport industries.
Australian military emblems have featured the boomerang, as have gifts and memorabilia associated with visiting royals and other celebrities.

Both uses express the wish that the recipient or wearer might return ‘like the boomerang’.
Our cute wee boomerang pendant featuring a stunning piece of Paua shell is sure to be treasured and returned to wear many times by whoever may purchase it.

Oblong Pendant


Our statement piece the Oblong stylises traditional Aboriginal art work of these indigenous Australian people.
Aboriginal art is part of the oldest continuous living culture in world history, with Australian Aborigines having settled on the Australian continent somewhere between 60,000 and 80,000 years ago. Evidence of Aboriginal culture is found in the rock art, which so far has been dated back at least 20,000 years, while archaeology has dated ancient campsites back to 50,000 to 65,000 years.

Paua Oblong Pendant - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery

From the beginning of time the Aborigines have told “Dreamtime” stories to each generation in order to keep their stories in their culture alive and to educate their people about their place on earth.
Stories are told about the stars, planets, the land, animals, “bush tucker” or food, hunting and ancestors through Aboriginal Art to help tell the stories of their history and culture.
The artwork on our beautiful Oblong pendant symbolises some of the native flora and fauna of the awe inspiring country of Australia. But you will agree with me when I say that this striking piece of jewellery could be inspired by any countries surroundings. A treasure to behold.

Bridesmaid’s jewellery: honour the sacred bond of friendship

Months of coordination over virtual Pinterest boards and late night hairstyle discussions have led to this- your wedding week has finally arrived. You could not have made it here without the selfless assistance of your most patient friends. While it is impossible to put a value on the support that a friend provides in the nerve-wracking days up to the nuptials, it is a known fact that this bond is sacred and priceless. Your closest confidantes, the keepers of your secrets and the quick dials on the smartphone- whether you dub them bridesmaids or not, they are the ones you will cherish- now and forevermore.

New Zealand Kiwi Bird Pendant

Make your own wedding tradition by choosing to honour this sacred bond of friendship with a beautiful token. Choose a hand-crafted pendant from Ariki Jewellery’s exclusive paua shell collection to gift your closest friend with. For a friend who embodies the spirit of citizenship with a dash of eccentric charm, gift them a small Kiwi Paua Shell pendant fashioned out of Palladium metal. The one who mends your heart with the right thing to say or a strong embrace will adore the Heart-shaped Paua Shell pendants in Sterling Silver, Gold Plated or Palladium metals. For the one with musical taste, the Treble Clef Paua Shell will please the soul. For the bridesmaid with a penchant for communing with nature on underwater adventures, the delicately-designed Sea Turtle Paua Shell pendant will be a guaranteed hit. Ariki’s Yacht Paua Shell pendant will delight the sea adventurer while the boomerang will become a treasured souvenir for a friend visiting from beyond the horizon.

Yacht Pendant Paua Shell Jewelry

Share your deepest appreciation of the constant source support and joy your friends have provided in the anticipation of your wedding day. Capture the spirit of sisterhood and keep it close for the years to come by selecting a pendant that best represents each bridesmaid. The pendants can be ready to be gifted during the reception dinner or the day of the big event- the choice is up to you!
Ariki Jewellery is one of New Zealand’s top-most jewellery designers that specialises in the use of ethically-sourced stones and shells like Greenstone or Nephrite Jade and Paua Shell from the South Island region. Each piece of jewellry from Ariki’s catalogue is hand-crafted in the factory based out of Blenheim, New Zealand – a true representation of Kiwi craftsmanship and artistic abilities.

Vicky’s blog: a boomerang and a didgeridoo

The indigenous people of our neighbouring country Australia, the Aboriginals, historically have a practice that they call Walkabout it refers to a rite of passage during which male Australian Aboriginals would undergo a journey during adolescence and live in the wilderness for a period as long as six months.

Although I am definitely not an adolescent male I would like to take you on a walkabout of sorts and show you a few of our new products we launched this week to the Australian market.

Bommerang Pendant

The Boomerang was originally used as a hunting tool by the Aboriginals – it is now however considered an Australian Icon. Traditionally they are known to always return to the point from which they were thrown. Our cute wee boomerang pendant featuring a stunning piece of Paua shell is sure to be treasured and returned to wear many times by whoever purchases it.

The Digeridoo is a wind instrument developed by the Aborigine people of Australia hundreds of years ago.

Traditionally it was primarily played as an accompaniment to ceremonial dancing and singing but its use is now widespread across the country at many occasions.

The melodious sound produced by this natural wooden trumpet is unique and mesmerising and can be spine tingling if played by an expert musician.

Unfortunately our Digeridoo is way too small to play but just stunning to wear.


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