Cruising Blog: Lifou, New Caledonia

The next morning dawned just as warm and sunny as the previous day as we sailed into the small port of Lifou. Tender boats carried us ashore this time as the waters were way too shallow for our massive ship to dock.

Lifou is the largest island in the archipelago of coral atolls known as the Loyalty Islands. Long stretches of white sand beach, small coves, limestone caves, grottos and imposing cliffs gave the island one of the most dramatic landscapes I had ever seen.

I was left speechless by the beautiful beaches as I arrived ashore, shaded by palms and other native trees, they front the warm, crystal clear waters of the Coral Sea and we spent the day here snorkelling, swimming, or just lying on the soft, white sand. 

The brightly dressed, bubbly friendly locals provided stalls laden with handmade crafts, trinkets and freshly picked coconuts which they topped and served to us with a straw to drink the coconut milk before eating the sweet white flesh. The best coconut I have ever tasted!

The day went by far too quickly and it was soon time to board the tenders to the ship ready for another wonderful evening of live entertainment and gastronomic food.

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