Cruise Ship, Porthole and Palm Tree Charms


As I mentioned in my last blog – we have just recently launched a range of charm bracelets and of course the unique thing about charm bracelets is that you can add your choice of special unique pieces to the bracelet, with that in mind we have also created a range of clip on charms to add to your collection.
These sweet charms are easy to attach and take off your bracelet as they come complete with a “lobster claw” clasp


I have recently experienced this amazingly awesome way to travel – cruising on a ship around the Pacific Ocean.
Cruise ships are becoming more and more popular around the globe by those wanting to enjoy a stress free, relaxing way to travel. Here in New Zealand alone the number of cruise ships visiting our shores has steadily increased to the point where there were more than 259,000 cruise ship passengers visiting our beautiful country over the past year.
Everything you could want is provided on these “floating cities” with all your accommodation, meals, and entertainment sorted ideally! With the added advantage of visiting new and interesting countries without having to fly or drive yourself, you really can have the holiday you dreamed about.
What a perfect way to remember these special journeys, to have a cute wee Cruise Ship Charm or a Ship Wheel Charm to attach to your bracelet.


An anchor is a heavy weight that holds a ship in place. Remaining firm and steadfast amid the uncertainty of storms and the elements, an anchor symbolizes such concepts as firmness, tranquillity and hope.
Anchors are all about being strong and stable. No matter if you have sea legs or not, you can appreciate the deeper meaning of the anchor symbol – security, stability, and being grounded. It is a symbol demonstrating that a person is in tune with themselves and hold on to the values they believe in. The anchor can also represent a person who has been someone’s rock through difficult times. For some people, the anchor represents always having a safe place to go home to.
So our precious unique Anchor and Porthole charm may be purchased to symbolise all of these things or as a special memory of a time spent at sea gazing at a beautiful view from your port hole.



Palm trees evoke pleasant memories of good times spent whiling away sun filled days and relaxing vacations on golden sandy beaches with their fronds bursting out of the top of the tall majestic trunks like the rays of the sun or an expansive fireworks display. Our stunning Palm tree charm can be worn as a reminder of these idyllic times.