CARRY NEW ZEALAND WITH YOU – With just a day left in New Zealand, you come to the sudden realisation that your work trip has come to an end and you have yet to buy authentic New Zealand souvenirs. It is highly likely that a “My friend went to New Zealand and just got me this” mug will find its way to the recycling bin and a wooden keychain will be forgotten in minute’s time.
Bring back the best of New Zealand from your trip- the fragrances, the flavours and the memories. Delicious Manuka honey and decadent gourmet chocolate from Auckland will take care of the fragrance and the flavours. Your cherished memories will be preserved in stunning jewellery from Ariki. Ariki’s exclusive line of jewellery encapsulates the beauty of Kiwi culture without fitting into the cliche of touristy gifts.

Ariki, which means ‘The Chief’ in Maori language, is one of New Zealand’s leading jewellery manufacturers. Ariki jewellery is crafted from the purest metals and is fitted with only locally-sourced stones and shells. Each piece of Ariki jewellery is hand-crafted, from start to finish, in New Zealand – a true representation of Kiwi craftsmanship and artistic abilities. Try as they may, craftsmen from around the globe have been unable to match the beauty of original Paua shell jewellery fashioned in Ariki’s workshop. A blue-coloured shell that shifts hues in natural lighting, the Paua Shell is found deep underwater in the region surrounding South Island. Ariki’s master craftsmen have designed a variety of stunning studs, hoops, tops and dangling Paua Shell earrings to suit every occasion. Paua Shell earrings and pendants are crafted in the highest quality sterling silver, palladium and gold plating metals. While only Paua Shell pendants and earrings are being offered in sterling silver at this time, palladium and gold plating jewellery with Paua Shell is available as follows:

  • Bangles
  • Bracelets
  • Brooches/Pins
  • Cufflinks
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Rings and
  • Pendants.

One of Ariki’s most popular souvenir brooches is the Kiwi Brooch, an homage to New Zealand’s native flightless bird, which is set with an exquisite piece of Paua Shell. For those who would like to keep the memories close to their heart, Ariki’s Silver Fern Pendant is a certain pick. The silver fern represents all that New Zealand stands for – loyalty, dedication and success.
No trip to New Zealand can be complete without selecting an exclusive piece of Nephrite Jade jewellery for a loved one. Carry the wonderment of New Zealand’s roaring rivers and soft rolling hills with you as they echo through in the rings, earrings, pendants and more designed in Nephrite Jade.