Starfish Charm - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery

I love to look at all the various pieces of jewellery and admire the craftsmanship and detail that goes into the design of each individual piece. They truly are inspired by the world around us and I would like to share with you some examples.

Starfish: Starfish are incredible creature of the deep sea and have been a maritime symbol for thousands of years. Just as stars do, the starfish can represent guidance and direction. How lucky you would be if you were strolling the shore and come across this beautiful creature, the wearer of our cute wee starfish pendant, embellished with Paua shell in the colours of the sea, will be reminded of these attributes and their idyllic surroundings.

Penguin: The penguin captivates our attention and our imagination, they always seem to be so “elegantly dressed” in their wee “tuxedos and formal attire” as they strut confidently on land as well as being able to express its heart and joy swimming and diving effortlessly in the ocean. They are also an example of endearing love and commitment as they are known to mate for life – what better way to symbolise your love and commitment than to wear a beautiful piece of penguin jewellery?

Cat: Long ago Egyptians worshipped cats as gods and it seems to this day that they have not forgotten this! They preen and pout – strut about almost like they look down upon us mere humans. Our feline brooch is a prime example of one of these majestic animals – an elegant piece of jewellery to honour your favourite feline.