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Obviously I have far too many favourite unique New Zealand Jewellery pieces to limit them to just a few blogs! So I will carry on this time with my next lot of stories as I expand to yet more unique and special pieces of my beloved Paua Shell Jewellery range. I gain my inspiration from the view above from my home.

Laurel Leaf Earrings


Paua Laurel Leaf Earrings - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery

Laurel Leaf Pendant


Laurel Leaf Earrings PE188

The humble laurel leaf has long been associated with Creativity. Our designers used their own creativity when they created this beautiful laurel leave complete with its own “shadow” or mirror image behind and wearing these beautiful Laurel Leaf Earrings inspires my own creativity.

Laurel leaves are above all a symbol of eternal glory, of special achievement, success and triumph. It has long been a symbol of victory (Laurel wreaths were given to the winner in the Pythian Games).

In fact, being presented with a laurel crown represents victory (in Ancient Greece, wreaths of laurel leaves were used to crown winners of athletic competitions in the ancient Olympic Games).

The laurel is also seen as a symbol of peace: a victory that signals the end to a conflict or competition.

In ancient times Laurel leaves were commonly put under pillows at night to gain inspiration through dreams and its intoxicating properties are associated with prophetic and poetic inspiration.

Just looking at my unique and precious Laurel Leaf Earrings and Pendant reminds me of all the things… all these attributes… I hope to achieve.

Wings Earrings


I am blessed in that I live near a beach in the Marlborough Sounds with lush New Zealand native bush surrounding my home. The birds in this bush are very abundant as they swoop and glide from tree to tree and are a truly a marvellous symphony to hear. My beautiful Wings Earrings remind me of these birds as I wear them, reminiscing of their song and invoking such peaceful feelings.

There several very special and unique birds which stand out amongst the rest in the lush green bush nearby.

One of which is the New Zealand Pigeon or Kererū as the Native New Zealand people, Maori have named this large bird with iridescent green and bronze feathers on its head and a smart white vest. I often hear the noisy beat of its wings, a very distinctive sound in our forests.

The other one which is my personal favourite is the Tūī – Tūī are unique to New Zealand and these attractive birds can often be heard singing their beautiful melodies before they are spotted. You will recognise them by their distinctive white tuft under their throat.

And lastly – the sweet wee Fantail/pīwakawaka Known for its friendly ‘cheet cheet’ call and energetic flying antics, the aptly named fantail is one of the most common and widely distributed native birds on the New Zealand mainland. They often follow me around as I work in the gardens surrounding my home.

So no matter which bird I hear or see as I go about my day – I can take their influence with me as I wear my unique Wings Earrings.

Duncan [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The majestic Kererū

The songful Tūī

The cute wee pīwakawaka or Fantail

PE430/PE330 – Swoosh Earrings

Swoosh Earrings PE330

The design of Swoosh Earrings symbolises the rustling or swirling sound of something swooshing through the air…. Like a leaf twirling, twisting and turning in the breeze. Or the sound of the beach as it gently laps at the shoreline near my home.

I see the ocean as a living being – constantly moving and sometimes it almost seems to be “breathing” as the tides come and go.

I urge you all – if you are able – to stop and listen sometimes to the sounds of nature wherever in the world you may be. Maybe you too will hear a “Swoosh” – just like our Swoosh Earrings.

They are a perfect set when teamed with our Tulip pendant GP880/PO880

Paua Tulip Pendant - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery