Paua Shell Jewellery

Focus on our Range. Highlighting Ariki Paua Shell Jewellery (or Paua Shell Jewelry).  

Sterling Silver Paua Shell Jewellery

“It is always an inspiring experience for me to looking through our wonderful range and I can’t help but share a few more key pieces of our exquisite Paua Shell jewellery with you.”


I thought it may be time to highlight the many and varied pieces of New Zealand Paua Shell Jewellery we have in our range. I absolutely love choosing a unique and special piece to accessorise with my outfits each day. The iridescent colours of the Paua Shell Jewellery glisten and change as I turn them in my hands and face them to different light angles.

The shell also has the added advantage of taking on the colour of any piece of clothing I may wear it against.  This means that I can always get a piece to match any colour perfectly.

My most precious pieces to wear for special occasions are our Sterling Silver paua earrings and pendants.

These fine pieces of jewellery are designed with .925 Sterling Silver accents which further accentuate the myriad of colours in our unique Paua Shell Jewellery.

My absolute favourite piece is pictured below:

This impressive native New Zealand Māori Design of the Hei-Matau is a meaningful gift that delivers and expresses your wishes of safety and well-being to your loved ones. This eye-catching design symbolises these special relationships with its spiralling sterling silver interlinking with the striking Paua Shell cabochon signifying the joining of the two friendships.

Paua Brooches

What better way to show off an exquisite piece of jewellery than to pin one of our gorgeous brooches to a smart elegant black coat?

I recently had to attend a community event and as it is mid-winter here in New Zealand had to layer up against the coldness with a thick New Zealand merino wool coat.

Now as most people who know me realise I am not one who wears such drab colours, no I usually wear the colour of the rainbow – or for that matter the Paua Shell!

So to counter this step away from my norm I picked a particularly colourful iridescent Peacock Brooch. Our GP791 fitted the bill perfectly with its shimmering tail feathers fanning up behind the striking gold of the panel.

The unfolding of a Peacock’s tail feathers is effortlessly beautiful and captivating – as elegant as a ballet dancer telling a story of romance, sensuality and allure. To sight the vibrant iridescent blues and greens of a Peacock’s tail feathers is truly a beauty to behold. We have replicated this beauty on our elegant Peacock brooch with a large etched Paua Shell panel of the same vibrant colours.

Blue Necklace

The Soft curve of the oval cabochon in this beautiful jewellery piece is very feminine, elegant and timeless, it is sure to add glamour and appeal to any special outfit on any occasion.

The intricate craftsmanship required to fashion such a gorgeous accessory is evident as the necklace shimmers against the wearer’s neck. The Blues, greens, pinks and purples glow in any light.

The ideal piece to wear with a scoop neck or low cut dress it is sure to receive many compliments.

This is one of several shell necklaces for women we have in our range but one which I am particularly fond of.

Paua Rings

As you will no doubt be aware now our jewellery comes in many different forms, and of course just like the Paua Shell itself many different colour ways. I am particularly drawn to the soft pinks and purples of the unique Paua shell but am equally enamoured of the deep blues and greens in other pieces.  My favourite ring is accentuates this by being the most beautiful deepest blue ring.

I wear this blue ring with pride as a symbol of the small part I have to play in the journey of our Paua Shell from the deepest seas off the coastlines of New Zealand to all the far reaching corners of the world. I love to share this story with everyone I meet who are drawn to the statement piece adorning my hand.

The ornately scalloped edge frames the round cabochon elegantly on our Paua Wrap Around Ring – the smooth sleek panel then extends to wrap around the finger gently creating a truly unique piece of jewellery. It is sure to become a forever treasured keepsake.

Paua Earrings

My morning ritual is never complete until I have put my jewellery on. Particularly my earrings – in fact I would feel naked without them! Luckily for me I work in the ideal industry. We have a range of sterling silver stud earrings as well as gold plated and palladium plated pieces.

So many unique styles and colour ranges to choose from mean that I have a different pair for everyday of the week. Of course I will always have my most favourite pairs but am able to change them to cater to any occasion.

There is sure to be something to capture your attention when you peruse our extensive range on our website

The ideal gift for someone who shines like the stars in the night and fills your life with light. Their eyes may sparkle like stars and you don’t want to take your eyes off of them.

Just like the diamonds in the sky these Star earrings sparkle and shine when worn.