Teardrop Pendant

Christmas Gifts: Hug, Twist and Teardrop Jewellery

Teardrop Pendant

Christmas time is also the ideal time in our lives to stop and take time out, to reflect on those people who are most important to us – our special relationships with Friends and family. Please let me show you a few of my most favourite pieces of Ariki New Zealand Paua Shell jewellery to give as perfect gifts to honour these relationships.

PO584/GP584 – Hug Pendant

What better time to remind someone that means a lot to you how you feel than Christmas? Our Hug Pendant would make the perfect gift. A hug given by a loved one is certainly something to be treasured forever and our Hug Pendant symbolises this special moment in time.

Hug Jewellery

PO885/GP885 – Oval Twist Pendant

Abalone Jewelry

The twist at the top of this gorgeous piece of fine jewellery is stylised on the unfurling fronds of a native fern bush – a symbol of new life unfolding. To me it also represents new beginnings – whether it be the birth of a child or the beginning of a new relationship. This would make a unique and precious gift for Christmas for that special someone in your life.

PE386/PE486 – Teardrop Hoop Earrings
PE339/PE439 – Teardrop Earrings
PE141/PE241 – Teardrop Swirl Dangle Earrings
PO874/GP874 – Teardrop Swirl Pendant
SE8 – Teardrop Hoop Earrings – Sterling Silver
SE5 – Teardrop Earrings Sterling Silver
SP15 – Teardrop Pendant – Sterling Silver

Teardrop crystals symbolize the end of tears and beginning of joy and happiness.
To the native people of New Zealand, The Maori a teardrop is called a Roimata, The Roimata is often called the comfort stone as traditionally the Roimata was given as a token of sympathy during times of sadness, and as a way to acknowledge someone’s loss and offer reassurance that they are not alone in their grief. Many people use the symbol of Roimata to convey reassurance and it is a powerful healing symbol also.
Today, Roimata can be a way to acknowledge that life can be tough and when people we love experience difficult times and struggles, we can let them know that they are cared for. Roimata allows us to show that although we cannot walk the path for someone, we care and we can walk alongside them through their struggles. When we face adversity and seek to remind ourselves that the world and universe is perfect, despite (and often because of) our problems, Roimata can be a token to encourage us to hang on in there.
The beautiful Teardrop or Roimata shaped Paua Shell cabochons our creators place in these elegant pieces of fine New Zealand jewellery are sure to convey these emotions to anyone you may gift them to.

Real New Zealand Jewelry

PE125/PE225 – Double Twist Earrings
PO884/GP884 – Double Twist Pendant
SE10 – Double Twist Earrings – Sterling Silver
SP29 – Double Twist Pendant – Sterling Silver

A very strong and long lasting design, the double twist represents a spiritual merger of two people for eternity. Although the lives of loved ones will take different paths, they will always be connected, crossing each-other in life or death. It is a potent statement of loyalty, friendship and love. Our stunning designs also hold a circular cabochon nestled preciously within the bottom twist.

Twist Pendant

Love inspired jewellery

Sheep in New Zealand
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As spring is full swing in our special piece of paradise it has reminded me to stop awhile amongst the hustle and bustle of my busy life and think about those things that I am most thankful for… The things I love.
I then thought it a perfect time to let you all know about some of our “Love inspired” items in our unique New Zealand Jewellery range. Here are some of my absolute favourites.

PE236/PE136 –Heart Dangle Earrings
PE214/PE114 – Heart Stud Earrings
JE214 – Heart Earrings – Jade
GP913/PO913 – Heart Ring
GP847/PO847 – Heart Pendant
GO447 – Heart Pendant – Jade
GP801/PO801 – Ornate Heart Pendant
GO801 – Ornate Heart Pendant – Jade
GP864/PO864 Heart Pendant in Circle
GP539/PO539 – Round in Heart Pendant
GB847/PB847 – Heart Bangle
SP28 – Heart Pendant – Sterling Silver

We’ve all seen and used the heart symbol many times in our lives. Whether you draw it in a card, text it to someone, or buy a cut-out in a store to give someone, the heart symbol is one of the most recognized symbols in the world.

It can mean so many different things to different people – but to me personally the heart is the focus of a person’s physical and spiritual being, and represents the “central wisdom of feeling as opposed to the head-wisdom of reason”
It is compassion and understanding, life-giving and complex. I see it as the ultimate symbol for love.

I purchased the Heart Dangle Earrings as a special and unique gift for my darling daughter’s birthday and she wears them very nearly every day. They remind us of that special bond we always have with each other.
I gave her the Paua Heart Ring as a special gift following the birth of my baby grandson. The beautiful Paua Shell heart on this elegant timeless piece of jewellery symbolises the unconditional love I have for my family.
I have often purchased other beautiful pieces of our unique Heart jewellery to give to family and dear friends to commemorate birthdays, Christmas or even just a token of my appreciation – the perfect way to say thank you to anyone is with jewellery! They are also perfect for bridesmaid’s jewellery.
New Zealand Paua is considered the rarest and most beautiful in the world and is loved by all that may wear it.
So no matter what the occasion – or whomever you wish to show love to I am sure that you will find the perfect piece of elegant timeless piece of Heart shaped jewellery from our New Zealand Jewellery range which will symbolise the love of many things – including those for whom we may purchase it.

Heart Pendant - Sterling Silver SP28

PE225/PE125 – Double Twist Earrings Paua Shell
GP884/PO884 – Double Twist Pendant Paua Shell
SP29 – Double Twist Pendant – Sterling Silver
SE10 – Double Twist Earrings – Sterling Silver
GO884 – Double Twist pendant – Jade
JE225 – Double Twist Earrings – Jade

A very strong and long lasting design, the double twist represents a spiritual merger of two people for eternity. Although the lives of loved ones will take different paths, they will always be connected, crossing each-other in life or death. It is a potent statement of loyalty, friendship and love. I often purchase these Paua Earrings and Pendant as a set for my nearest and dearest as a meaningful gift especially those who may live far away from me.

The native people of New Zealand, The Maori translate the word ‘twist’ to ‘pikorua’ in their native language.
It is believed that its design comes from the piko piko fern whose fronds curl around one another in our native bush. To them it resembles the path of life and eternity. Traditionally they were a perfect gift among lovers, family, and friends and even in situations where a loved one has passed.
Our elegant unique New Zealand Jewellery twist design honours this tradition as it symbolises the bond between two people, whether founded in friendship, love or blood. It connects the spirits of friends, family and lovers, bringing them closer together across space and time. I am sure you agree that they certainly are a beautiful set of precious keepsakes.

Double Twist Pendant - Sterling Silver SP29

Meanings Behind Maori Pendant Designs

Koru (Jade) - NZ Design Pendant ZGP14

Broad strong strokes of paint on a scroll or rich blue-black ink patterns gleaming under the skin’s surface, Maori designs command attention in each and every form they take. Before the adoption of written word, Maori tribe’s people utilised materials like bone, wood, stone and jade.

A large number of the etchings represent aspects of the origin of mankind, how the animals came into existence and how sacred the relationship between nature and man is.

The deep respect that the Maori have for nature is evident in their preservation of classic tribal designs. The intricate swoops and spheres communicate ancient tribal tales dating back generations and are often worn in the form of pendants.

Ariki Jewellery uses Nephrite Jade and Paua for pendant designs, such as:

  • Koru or Spiral Design: The Koru or spiral design represents a fresh fern frond as it unfolds. As the frond unravels, the Maori believe it unleashes its purity out into the world. Growth, peace, tranquility and new beginnings are also associated with the Koru pendant design.
  • Circle Design: The Circle design invokes imagery of the Circle of Life, endless and without any defined beginning or end. The seamless movement of the planets and the stars above are represented by the circle etching. There is a mutual existence in which all beings, humans, plants and animals, share a sacred bond.
  • Twist Design: In Maori culture the twist represents the concept of eternity, with each twist portraying the various paths an individual takes in the pursuit of love and life. If one chooses to gift a friend or loved one with a single twist jade pendant, they are emphasising the deep eternal bond the duo shares in friendship, love and loyalty.

Other traditional representations of Maori culture a in jewellery design include the depiction of sea creatures like turtles, whales and dolphins.

As a New Zealand Jewellery firm, Ariki Jewellery specialises in the use of stones and shells like Greenstone or Nephrite Jade and Paua Shell.