Christmas Gifts: reflecting and finding balance for the New Year

New Year Gifts

Shapes – Shapes are found everywhere in our lives – and sometimes it is good to take time out to just stop and actually see them – to take notice of their lines and their meanings. Christmas holidays are the perfect time to stop and reflect on your year gone by and forward to the New Year ahead.

Yin Yang Pendant


One important thing I value in life is balance – the balance between work and rest, between family and friends and between busyness and relaxation.
Our Yin Yang Pendant is the perfect reminder of these factors.
On one side we have a stunning Paua Shell Cabochon with its crystal iridescent colours and on the other a solid panel embellished with patterns.
Christmas holidays are the perfect time to reflect and find this balance. Holidays spent with family and friends while enjoying the festive season are surely memories to be cherished. Just as this unique piece of New Zealand jewellery would be cherished by its wearer.

Yin Yang Pendant


PE135/PE235 – Ovoid Earrings
GP911/PO911 – Ovoid Ring

The precious ovoid or egg shaped Paua Shell cabochon is nestled gently inside the elegant frame of these fine pieces of jewellery. Certainly a treasure to behold.
Curved shapes offer rhythm and movement, happiness, pleasure and generosity. They are seen as more feminine than sharp shapes and our perfect oval of the Ovoid is no exception.

Ovoid Pendant


PO834/GP834 – Plain Oval Pendant

The soft curve of the oval Paua Shell Cabochon in this beautiful jewellery piece is very feminine, elegant and timeless, it is sure to add glamour and appeal to any special outfit on any occasion – including those special Christmas parties. The sleek curves of the double bands below add to this femininity.
To accessorise these beautiful earrings I team them up with the Plain Oval Pendant and the Scalloped Oval Bracelet – a perfect match of fine New Zealand Jewellery.

Long Bar

PE124/PE224 – Long Bar Earrings

These beautiful stunning long bar earrings represent understated elegance and sophistication. The striking combination of smooth sleek lines and the beauty of the Paua Shell Cabochon combine to make a set of jewellery that can be worn with pride – the perfect accessory to our Rectangle Bangle.