Proud to New Zealand made

To me one of the most special and unique aspects of working for Ariki New Zealand Limited is the knowledge that we are New Zealand made – this is our, in my opinion, point of difference to all other Paua Shell Jewellery brands on the market.

All Ariki New Zealand jewellery is hand crafted with precision and quality at our factory based in Blenheim in the heart of the Marlborough region in the South Island of New Zealand.

We use only the highest grade of Paua Shell harvested from the pristine waters of the coast line surrounding our idyllic island nation.
This natural sustainable resource never ceases to amaze me with it’s never ending combinations of colours – each one so precious and unique.
The Paua Shell itself has a chameleon quality about it, the colours change in the way they catch the light. Liquid colours that almost have a life of their own. This variation in colour gives each piece of unique New Zealand Jewellery a distinctive character. The number of colour combinations is infinite.

Paua Shell colours are also affected by the composition of the water, the temperature and the water flow. The greater the variation in water temperature, the more defined the layering and therefore the more intense the colour of the shell.
New Zealand is renowned for its most pristine marine environments and this results in the high grade Paua Shell we use here at Ariki New Zealand.

I am fascinated with the entire process – from the time the Paua is harvested from the water to the finished product – a treasured time honoured piece of fine jewellery to be worn with pride and cherished for a life time.

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Our philosophy and ensuing pride in producing such a unique piece of New Zealand Jewellery captures the essence of New Zealand and represents the pure natural values of New Zealand as a whole.