Oval shaped jewellery



Different shapes have certain significance in our lives, and I personally believe that they can symbolise and portray different meanings and virtues.

For example – The Ovals –with their elegant soft curves, in my opinion represent connection and community.

Some of my favourite pieces of Ariki New Zealand Jewellery pieces are the smooth, elegant timeless pieces in oval shapes.  I have chosen these in our beautiful unique Paua Shell. But most styles are also available in our jade range of jewellery also.

GP920/PO920 – Oval Ring – Paua

GP210/PO210 – Oval Cufflinks – Paua

PE235/PE135 – Ovoid earrings – Paua

PE217/PE117 – Small Oval Stud Earrings – Paua

GP834/PO834 – Plain Oval Pendant – Paua

GP501/PO501 – Oval Necklace 7 Ovals – Paua

There is a secret language we all recognize, but few are fluent in- the language of shapes. These shapes or symbols surround us in myriad forms and form an inextricable part of our daily lives, yet unlike our spoken languages, schooling in symbolism is left to the individual initiative.

The term oval is derived from the Latin words ova or ovum, which means egg. In ancient times—and even still today—the shape represents rebirth, fertility, even immortality and potential.

The oval shape Paua Shell Cabochons in my precious Paua Shell Jewellery are distinctive and organic. Not quite a simple circle and lacking the harsh-lined pointedness of an edge, the oval stands as a sign of uniqueness and a zest for life.

GB937/PB937 – Large Oval Bangle – Paua

PE211/PE111 – Large Oval Earrings – Paua

GP802/PO802 – Myriad Pendant – Paua

Large Oval Earrings - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery

My absolute favourite set of statement Oval Jewellery to wear are the Large Oval Bangle, Large Elongated Oval ring, Large Oval Earrings and the Myriad Pendant I am not often without these exquisite pieces of New Zealand jewellery. I pop them on most days as I am heading out the door and only take them off as I head to bed.  They are so easy to wear and the natural bright beautiful colours match each and every outfit as I find whatever colour I wear brings out a differing shade from the Paua Shell.

GP822/PO822 – Ornate Oval Pendant – Paua

GP910/PO910 – Scalloped Oval Ring – Paua

GP841/PO841 – Scalloped Oval Pendant – Paua

GP861/PO861 – Framed Oval Pendant – Paua

Ornate Oval Pendant - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery

On more special occasions I choose some of the more ornate pieces in the New Zealand Jewellery range.

The Soft curve of the oval cabochons in these beautiful jewellery pieces is very feminine and graceful. Sure to add glamour and appeal to any special outfit on any occasion, the ornate sleek frame below adds a timeless elegance.

It is easy to dress up any of my special occasion outfits with the exquisite pieces available.

GP885/PO885 – Oval Twist Pendant – Paua

Last but not least – I absolutely love this fine elegant piece of New Zealand Paua Shell jewellery in an oval shape.

The twist at the top of this gorgeous piece of jewellery is stylised on the unfurling fronds of a native fern bush – a symbol of new life unfolding.

The native fern is one which grows prolifically in the native bush surrounding my home and it never ceases to amaze me when I see the new fronds appearing. Their beauty and symmetry are stunning and remind me so much of the magnificent Paua Shell jewellery I am blessed enough to work with every day.