This week I have had the privilege of travelling around our pristine beautiful country – New Zealand and visiting some stores a little further from home.

It was mid-summer here in “The Land of the Great White Cloud” as New Zealand is affectionately known and I have experienced some perfect long hot summers days as I travelled around, and have had the opportunity to see some absolutely stunning breath-taking scenery.

The Paua Shell is unique to New Zealand’s environmentally pure coastal waters and its opalescent blues, rich greens, pastel pinks and purples mimic the colours of our land – from the most brilliant blue of the summer sky to the greens of the native bush covered hills, the pinks and purples of our sun rises and sun sets – the ripples of our pristine clear lakes and waterways the white of our glaciers – it is essentially the most beautiful shell that nature ever intended.

It is this country and this shell which has inspired our designers to create the most stunning classical pieces of jewellery. I feel truly proud to be a small part of this process as well as living in this remarkable country.