Vicky’s blog: Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to be plated we go!

Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to be plated we go!

This week I stepped into the unknown frontier of the plating process….wow let the magic begin!

Each piece of our gorgeous precious jewellery is plated in either 22 carat gold or palladium.

After they have come out of the barrel hall and left to dry they are sorted and placed individually onto racks before going through the plating process.

There are several different tanks of magical liquids and before my eyes I see the racks of product dipping into these “naked” and coming out gleaming in gold and silver!

No wonder I love jewellery so much – they sparkle and glisten like fairy dust.


Vicky’s blog: forming the Paua shell into the small cabochons and make it ready to dispatch

I have been lucky enough this week to learn the next step in the process – forming the Paua shell into the small cabochons and fitting them into our designs.

Each piece of Jewelry is hand crafted individually before being plated with 22ct gold or palladium right here in the factory to exacting standards.

The shell is individually cut to the correct shape, then polished and a lacquer applied before being fitted to the “panel’.

The next step is to attach any attachments which may be required such as chains etc and then carefully pack into our packaging before being made ready to dispatch.

So much care and detail go into this process – I am truly proud to know I have played a small part in producing such a quality timeless product.


Image from our company presentation. Click on the image the read our profile and watch the full movie.