Months of coordination over virtual Pinterest boards and late night hairstyle discussions have led to this- your wedding week has finally arrived. You could not have made it here without the selfless assistance of your most patient friends. While it is impossible to put a value on the support that a friend provides in the nerve-wracking days up to the nuptials, it is a known fact that this bond is sacred and priceless. Your closest confidantes, the keepers of your secrets and the quick dials on the smartphone- whether you dub them bridesmaids or not, they are the ones you will cherish- now and forevermore.

Make your own wedding tradition by choosing to honour this sacred bond of friendship with a beautiful token. Choose a hand-crafted pendant from Ariki Jewellery’s exclusive paua shell collection to gift your closest friend with. For a friend who embodies the spirit of citizenship with a dash of eccentric charm, gift them a small Kiwi Paua Shell pendant fashioned out of Palladium metal. The one who mends your heart with the right thing to say or a strong embrace will adore the Heart-shaped Paua Shell pendants in Sterling Silver, Gold Plated or Palladium metals. For the one with musical taste, the Treble Clef Paua Shell will please the soul. For the bridesmaid with a penchant for communing with nature on underwater adventures, the delicately-designed Sea Turtle Paua Shell pendant will be a guaranteed hit. Ariki’s Yacht Paua Shell pendant will delight the sea adventurer while the boomerang will become a treasured souvenir for a friend visiting from beyond the horizon.

Share your deepest appreciation of the constant source support and joy your friends have provided in the anticipation of your wedding day. Capture the spirit of sisterhood and keep it close for the years to come by selecting a pendant that best represents each bridesmaid. The pendants can be ready to be gifted during the reception dinner or the day of the big event- the choice is up to you!
Ariki Jewellery is one of New Zealand’s top-most jewellery designers that specialises in the use of ethically-sourced stones and shells like Greenstone or Nephrite Jade and Paua Shell from the South Island region. Each piece of jewellry from Ariki’s catalogue is hand-crafted in the factory based out of Blenheim, New Zealand – a true representation of Kiwi craftsmanship and artistic abilities.