Kiwiana – “big” things to see in New Zealand.

While I was researching information for my previous blog it dawned on me that we as a country do seem to honour our Kiwiana and things which make us kiwis’ by making “big things” to pay them homage.

New Zealand may be a small country but we compensate with a whole bunch of very BIG things!

New Zealand is about 2.5 times smaller than the state of Texas (USA) alone, however, our huge volcanoes, mountain chains and love for the outdoors inspires us to create big things. Huge things even! If it was ever on your bucket list to see a giant trout or even a humongous soda bottle, then New Zealand is the place to do it. Artists have created enormous sculptures all around the country to promote movies or a local beverage to attract tourists or simply for the love of art. Here are just a few of them to give you an idea of what I mean.


Of course none of my blogs would be complete without a mention of our precious unique Paua Shell – abalone as other parts of the world call it!

And “Big Things” in New Zealand is no exception.

The Deep South of New Zealand is famous for its Paua, and a beautiful big Paua Shell sculpture stands in a small roadside park in the fishing and seaside resort of Riverton. It is so realistic, it looks and feels like the real thing, but the size of four metres high gives it away. They don’t come quite this big in real life!

South Island paua shell is of a higher quality as the paua grow bigger and the shells thicker with more vibrant colour in the colder waters of the South Island coastline.

Riverton or Aparima is a small town 30 kilometres west of Invercargill via State Highway 99 on the Southern Scenic Route and the large Paua Shell was made by a local company to pay homage to the national importance and heritage of this industry.

Known as the Riviera of the South, Riverton is a fantastic place to live and work with a close community spirit and a balance of fishing, farming, arts and recreation.