When it comes to choosing jewellery to wear on your wedding day there is only one rule… make sure it’s a reflection of you. Maybe it’s a piece that reminds you of where you and your fiancée met or got engaged. Maybe it’s a stone that represents your ancestry. Or maybe it just feels right. Whatever the reason, this is your day and Ariki New Zealand Jewellery is here to help you shine.

There’s nothing more timeless than a Paua Shell Necklace and Ariki New Zealand Jewellery offers a few options. From pendants to full necklaces, simple studs to dangling, these gems are a staple for brides.

For the bride who wants to get a bit more playful with wedding day jewellery we have some gorgeous statement pieces.

My absolute favourite necklace to wear with a pretty dress on a special occasion is GP959.

The classic sleek lines give it a lovely look with a low neckline.

8 Ovals Bracelet - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery

A Pop of Colour

While pearls are timeless, there’s nothing like adding some colour to all that white. In fact, there’s an old saying that wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” will bring you luck on your wedding day.

This “peaceful blues, subtle pinks and bright purples which glimmer from a unique piece of Fine New Zealand Paua Shell Jewellery is a great way to check that “blue” box.  Made with only the highest grade of Paua Shell, it’s a unique piece that will give your bridal look that final touch with a little bit of edge.

World Globe Pendant - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery

Go For Gold

If your gown is ivory or champagne, gold jewellery is the ideal complement.  Our gold jewellery is plated in 22 carat gold and any of our elegant classic items in gold are sure to add a spectacular touch of class to any look.

Double Sided Spinner Pendant - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery

Shining Silver

If you’re wearing bright white, consider accessorizing with our palladium or sterling silver range of New Zealand Paua Shell Jewellery.  Their delicate and intricate design make them a flawless choice.

Treasure Pendant - Sterling Silver - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery

In the end, the perfect piece is the one you feel most comfortable wearing.  Confidence radiates from within and the smile you get from wearing something meaningful that you love is the greatest accessory of all.