Unfortunately too much chocolate can be my downfall – the only really “sweet tooth” thing I crave – and chocolate fish are no exception!

We here in New Zealand – land of the long white cloud as it is affectionately known – are an appreciative bunch of people. And the humble chocolate fish has become over the years a symbol of this appreciation for a job well done.

No one knows the complete story of the chocolate fish, however like most traditions, it came out of the melting pot from ideas of many people. It is not known when this confectionary treat transitioned to a reward of a job well done but all Kiwis (New Zealanders) understand the expression ‘that person deserves a chocolate fish.’ The recipient of a chocolate fish is in no doubt of the sincerity of the thanks they received.

Bad day? Chocolate fish. Good job? Chocolate fish. Just because? Chocolate fish.

This marshmallow sweet is a bastion of corner-shops (Kiwis call them dairies), gas stations, childhood holidays, and workplace rewards. In short, chocolate fish are a fully-fledged feature of the New Zealand confectionary landscape.