Maori Paua Shell
Image by falco from Pixabay

Rotorua, a town set on its namesake lake on New Zealand’s North Island, is renowned for bubbling mud pools, shooting geysers and natural hot springs perfect for bathing and relaxing in, as well as showcasing our fascinating native New Zealand people the Māori culture.

Steeped in cultural history, Rotorua is the home of ‘Māoridom’ where you can experience all aspects of the amazing culture of our native New Zealand people. . Here my experiences have ranged from being fully immersed and mesmerised by cultural performances to eating a beautiful sumptuous hangi (traditional Māori meal) straight out of the steaming ground, there is always something to suit everyone

I am constantly amazed by famous geographical structures and buildings which have been in existence for hundreds of years.  And have enjoyed fast paced activities such as stunning informative walking tracks, to more relaxed spiritual journeys and cultural tours Rotorua has it all.

To honour this unique and spiritual city I have chosen a very unique and special piece of Ariki New Zealand Jewellery.

Triple Twist Greenstone Jade - Freeform Pendant - New Zealand Jewellery

The ZGP06 Triple Twist Greenstone Jade – Freeform Pendant for Māori, the native New Zealand people this triple twist symbol is also an eternity symbol. The triple twist refers to the bond between peoples, communities, or cultures rather than individuals. Traditionally given as an offering of friendship between different tribes. The shape represents loyalty and friendship that stays strong through the many challenges of life. It is inspired by the symbols of life and growth