Lake Taupō

The beautiful Lake Taupō is about the size of Singapore – more of an inland sea really.

Taupō is centrally located in the middle of the North Island, approximately 3 1/2 hours’ drive from Auckland and 4 1/2 hours’ drive from Wellington.

According to Māori legend, the lake is the pulsating heart of Maui’s fish (New Zealand’s North Island).

As you travel around the lake, you will find every landscape you can imagine. Snow-blanketed winter ski fields and alpine deserts. Ancient forests alive with birdsong. Trout-filled rivers and the thundering Huka Falls. Steaming geothermal valleys with rejuvenating hot springs. Three towering volcanoes in the awesome and otherworldly landscape of Tongariro National Park.

It certainly is an absolutely amazing place to visit and one of my favourite areas in the North Island.

It reminds me of GP719/PO719 Reflection Brooch

Paua Reflection Brooch - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery

The mirror image panels on our reflection brooch symbolises lakes, ponds and waterways within New Zealand, which provide awe-inspiring places of personal reflection. They are often still enough to perfectly reflect the stunning surrounding mountain ranges, endless blue skies and lush, green native bush. These colours are echoed in the beautiful Paua Shell Cabochon which adorns it.