Unity Day Germany – 3 October

German Unity
Berlin was seperated in East and West till 1989. Germany united in 1990.
Image by Sarah Lötscher from Pixabay

German Unity Day, on October 3rd, is the German national holiday, a sort of German Fourth of July. Both the observance date and the holiday are recent. The third day of October has only been a national holiday since 1990. For nearly 30 years, East and West Germany were divided. This national holiday in Germany celebrates the two sides joining back together.

Although you will see German flags flying at the Reichstag building in Berlin and in other public locations, private flags and public fireworks are not a big part of the October 3 celebration. Most people enjoy the day off and spend time with friends and family. In Berlin there are usually open-air concerts or other festivities near the Brandenburg Gate.

Every year, a different German city hosts the national celebrations. Yet, Berlin always puts on a great big show “Burgerfest” (citizen’s festival).that last for several days.

It is a day in fall with nice weather that can be used by the people as a feast and picnic day.

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View a Video of the countdown to German Unity in 1990