The fern: an iconic element in New Zealand’s national identity

Silver Fern New Zealand

I hope you have been enjoying learning more about some of the precious pieces in our unique New Zealand Jewellery range which are my absolute favourites – this time I would like you tell you about a few very special unique pieces which symbolise my love of the native bush surrounding my home.

Fern Brooch –  GP600/PO600

Paua Fern Brooch - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery

The Fern Brooch is my “go to” brooch to wear most days – its elegance and simplicity are highlighted on any outfit but more so on the lapel of my warm woollen coat. The Fern brooch symbolises the meaning of hope, wealth and happiness…. What girl doesn’t aspire to these virtues???

Ferns have an appeal that transcends culture and climate. In Polynesia they adorn the head-dresses of indigenous people, in Asia young shoots are offered as delicacies in open-air food markets, and in Australia gardeners insist on growing them in the most arid environments.

In earlier times, Victorian England went crazy over ferns, Melanesians carved statues from tree-fern trunks and our New Zealand Maori made the koru, the uncurled fern shoot, a dominant feature of their art.

It is believed that if you are giving someone a fern as a gift, you are giving them the hope that they will have confidence, shelters, wealth, and happiness. This is a great plant to give someone that you really care about.

Just as this beautifully elegant Fern brooch would most certainly be a great gift to symbolise this meaning.

Silver Fern Pendant – GP844/PO844
Silver Fern Earrings – PE237/PE137
Silver Fern Brooch – GP743/PO743

The Silver Fern on these pieces of Silver Fern jewellery is a proud and iconic symbol of New Zealand. It is worn with pride by all to signify their special connection with our land. It evokes feelings of success, dedication and loyalty.

Whenever I wear these Silver Fern Earrings I feel a special bond with our small island country – most especially if I wear them while travelling overseas.

Our striking Silver Fern Jewellery reminds me of the thousands of the native New Zealand Silver Fern plants in the bush surrounding my home. I love to see their bright green leaves shimmering with the dampness of recent rains and their contrasting silver underside which has become an iconic symbol of New Zealand

Today, the fern is an iconic element in New Zealand’s national identity, featuring on stamps, coins, banknotes and the national coat of arms. But, above all, it is the sense of pride associated with the fern-branded All Black rugby jersey and national teams such as the Silver Ferns (netball) and Black Ferns (women’s rugby) that gives the fern an unassailable place in New Zealand’s culture. It is a powerful and emotional symbol of inspiration and one that all Kiwis can relate to.
The Silver Fern image is inspired by the frond of the New Zealand tree fern, Cyathea Dealbata (“Ponga” in Maori). The fronds are dark green on the upper side and silver underneath as you will see in the above image. The underside glows brightly in moonlight, providing excellent track markers in New Zealand’s native forests. It was often used by Maori as bedding because of the thin texture of the ‘hairs’.

So I am sure that whatever your connection with New Zealand may be you will agree that wearing any of the Silver Fern Jewellery in our unique New Zealand Jewellery range would be a perfect way to honour that connection.

Paua Silver Fern Earrings - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery

Koru Stud Earrings – PE489/PE389

The ideal accompanying piece of jewellery to compliment my Silver Fern range are the Koru Stud Earrings. Being small and dainty means I wear these earrings almost every day as I have the benefit of two holes in each ear! They are based on the unfurling fern frond of the native New Zealand silver fern and I am sure you agree that the Koru Stud earrings are uniquely New Zealand.