We have had a new addition to our range this week!

It is always so exciting to see the “birth” of a new item. Right through from the time someone comes up with the new idea, the design process using drawings and then computer images, the production of a carved “master” which will be used to form a metal piece from which the rubber mould can be formed and the casting process is then used to produce the finished item ready to be plated.

Of course there may be changes along the way and refinements to the product before it can meet our exacting standards.

The latest of our design process has resulted in the cutest manatee pendant and earrings.

In the wild a baby manatee is only born every one or two years but our wee “babies” didn’t take that long to create.

Manatees take up residence primarily in Florida’s coastal waters during winter. Some individuals migrate as far north as the Carolinas or as far west as Louisiana in summer.

These “gentle giants” of the sea are graceful slow-moving animals. Most of their time is spent eating, resting, and traveling.

They rest submerged at the bottom or just below the surface of the water and you may see them coming up to breathe every five minutes or so.

So if you are lucky enough to be in Florida in winter make sure you visit one of the many reserves and sanctuaries and view this beautiful creature in its natural habitat. But of course the next best thing would be to wear one of our beautiful jewellery pieces adorned with a gorgeous cabochon of Paua.

Manatee Pendant - Ariki New Zealand Jewellery