Our clever jewellers and designers have found a myriad of ways to celebrate the natural beauty of the Paua Shell.
As you will learn, the jewellery is inspired by our beautiful country and enhances the shell to make a unique piece of jewellery to be worn with pride.
Our designers use the natural environment as inspiration for some of our pieces, the cute little starfish, the graceful sleek dolphins, sea turtles and sea horses found in the pristine waters of the New Zealand Coastline are just a few examples.

Our national heritage is celebrated with the iconic ethnic pieces, inspired by the native ferns, flora and fauna which grace our lands. And of course our national symbol the Kiwi.

We also pride ourselves on our beautiful classic pieces of Jewelry which would enhance any outfit with their timeless elegance.

I’m never lacking in choice of Jewelry to wear each day that is for sure! In fact I have found it hard to limit my purchases.