Lake Waikaremoana track

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The Great walks of New Zealand

New Zealanders are known for their love of the great outdoors and it is not surprising considering the natural beauty available in this beautiful island paradise which Ariki New Zealand Limited is proud to call home.

We here in New Zealand refer generally to hiking or walking the extensive tracks available as “tramping”.

Hiking New Zealand is the best way to see beautiful landscapes and explore vast wilderness areas. So grab a pack and put on your walking boots. I will take you along the way with me!

With thousands of kilometres of tracks, there are walking and hiking options to suit all levels of fitness and experience.

Ranging between 30 mins and 3 hours, short walks are everywhere and easily fit into travel itineraries. For something a little longer our day hikes of 4 hours to 8 hours offer an amazing array of landscapes. Or check out one of the country’s stunning multi-day hikes, including New Zealand’s nine iconic Great Walks, which feature some of the country’s most spectacular scenery.

Great walks in the North Island of New Zealand


The Lake Waikaremoana track has the largest area of native forest in the North Island. This region is the ancestral home of the native New Zealand people the Māori tribe Ngai Tuhoe – which translates to the ‘Children of the Mist’. Entirely within the boundaries of Te Urewera, the track mostly follows the shores of the great lake. Over three to four days, it leads you through pristine rainforest, regenerating shrub land areas of wetland, rush and herb field and a magical ‘goblin forest’. You will also discover magnificent rivers, waterfalls and ghostly valleys of mist.

It is a living treasure where nature is totally in charge. Home to nearly every species of North Island native forest bird, the area also gives visitors a glimpse of the avian culture that once flourished in New Zealand. The melodic call of the Tui is likely to follow you everywhere as well as the Kereru (wood pigeon); make sure to listen for the call of the kiwi bird at dusk.