Hot Pools

Franz Josef Glacier New Zealand
Image by RobO100 from Pixabay

New Zealand is located where two tectonic plates of the earth’s crust meet. This causes a large amount of geothermal activity, allowing warm water to bubble up through the earth’s crust to form hot pools. These pools often contain minerals dissolved from the rocks they seeped through. So you will find a selection of commercial and wild hot pools, throughout New Zealand
For centuries locals have enjoyed these hot pools, with some believing that sitting in mineral water helps with medical problems. Soak in a naturally-heated thermal pool surrounded by mountains, forests or lakes. Or we can treat ourselves to a relaxing therapeutic treatment in a health spa.
In the South Island of New Zealand we are spoilt for choice – Hanmer Springs, Maruia Springs, and Franz Josef to name but a few.

Set amidst a stunning natural landscape of rock, forests and mountains, it’s easy to see why Hanmer Springs has picked up so many awards over the years. Whether you’re there to sit back and relax or to reinvigorate yourself for some fun, Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools is the place to start. I love being there in winter time with the gentle snow flurries falling while you relax in the hot pools. It’s also an awesome place to be on a cold clear starry night, the snow sparkles and the steam rises to make a magical atmosphere.

Maruia Springs
100% natural, Maruia Springs is famous for its soothing waters, set amongst a beautiful green native rain forest.
The Rock Pools are exactly as their name suggests – made of smooth rocks tumbled and smoothed by the passage of water through the Maruia riverbed, then carefully placed to create a natural , comfortable pool to bathe in outside. When I am there, again during winter it’s magical to sit warm in the water as the snow sparkles and the steam rises; but in spring, summer and autumn the clear days offer warmth from the sun as well as the water. Regardless of the season, soaking in the Rock Pools in the rain is incredibly soothing – the sound of the rain pattering onto the rocks is rhythmic, calming.
Next to The Rock Pools is the Utase Yu – the waterfall massage. A method used for centuries in Japan, I like to soak in the Rock Pools for at least 5minutes then sit under the waterfall, moving my body so that the water falls on tense muscles. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the stresses just disappear!

Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools
This is my ultimate experience, as here I can immerse myself in nature at these special Glacier Hot Pools. Havens of natural tranquillity, the pools are surrounded by lush NZ Native rainforest.
The pools have been gifted names by the area’s local native New Zealand people the Māori tribe – Te Runanga o Makaawhio. Those names are:

Te Wai Whakahaumanu – the reviving waters
Te Wai Whakawai – the easing waters
Te Wai Taurima – the tending waters.

And I definitely feel that they do all of these things. The water used is glacier water which is then heated. Not from a natural thermal spring.
You may be wondering which unique piece of Ariki New Zealand Jewellery relates to hot pools – and this one is a little random but as I sit relaxing in any of these serene places I spot a droplet of water on a leaf or on the grass and I am reminded of:

Nephrite Jade Droplet Pendant - New Zealand Jewellery

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Our small wee droplet piece of jewellery reminds the wearer of a drop of water hanging from a leaf after freshly fallen rain. A treasure to behold.