Natural “Sea Opal” rings from New Zealand

Buy a beautiful natural ring from ARIKI: The paua shell is only found in the environmentally pure coastal waters around New Zealand. This shell is a member of the Abalone family, and is famous for its colour intensity and fiery flashes.

ARIKI New Zealand has designed and produced high quality natural jewellery since 1932. Because ARIKI rings are adjustable, they will fit both women and men. The designs are made in house and the ring is produced entirely in our own factory.

Paua is beautiful, and it is often referred to as sea opal. The beautiful blue, purple and green colours result in magnificent flashing. From every angle the ring looks different and no two rings are the same. With a ring from ARIKI you will always have a unique piece.

All rings are produced in Blenheim, New Zealand and are available in palladium or gold plate. All rings come in beautiful presentation box.

There are different shapes. A beautiful example is the PO941 or GO941. This is is a “snake”-ring featuring an S-curve and a unique piece of paua shell.

Paua shell is a natural product with natural beauty. The harvesting of shells is restricted to a quota system and is therefore completely sustainable.

ARIKI can provide you with the PO941 or GP941 a natural ring, with a unique pattern. Completely produced and made in New Zealand.

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