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As I mentioned in my last blog – we have just recently launched a range of charm bracelets and of course the unique thing about charm bracelets is that you can add your choice of special unique pieces to the bracelet, with that in mind we have also created a range of clip on charms to add to your collection.
These sweet charms are easy to attach and take off your bracelet as they come complete with a “lobster claw” clasp


I have recently experienced this amazingly awesome way to travel – cruising on a ship around the Pacific Ocean.
Cruise ships are becoming more and more popular around the globe by those wanting to enjoy a stress free, relaxing way to travel. Here in New Zealand alone the number of cruise ships visiting our shores has steadily increased to the point where there were more than 259,000 cruise ship passengers visiting our beautiful country over the past year.
Everything you could want is provided on these “floating cities” with all your accommodation, meals, and entertainment sorted ideally! With the added advantage of visiting new and interesting countries without having to fly or drive yourself, you really can have the holiday you dreamed about.
What a perfect way to remember these special journeys, to have a cute wee Cruise Ship Charm or a Ship Wheel Charm to attach to your bracelet.


An anchor is a heavy weight that holds a ship in place. Remaining firm and steadfast amid the uncertainty of storms and the elements, an anchor symbolizes such concepts as firmness, tranquillity and hope.
Anchors are all about being strong and stable. No matter if you have sea legs or not, you can appreciate the deeper meaning of the anchor symbol – security, stability, and being grounded. It is a symbol demonstrating that a person is in tune with themselves and hold on to the values they believe in. The anchor can also represent a person who has been someone’s rock through difficult times. For some people, the anchor represents always having a safe place to go home to.
So our precious unique Anchor and Porthole charm may be purchased to symbolise all of these things or as a special memory of a time spent at sea gazing at a beautiful view from your port hole.



Palm trees evoke pleasant memories of good times spent whiling away sun filled days and relaxing vacations on golden sandy beaches with their fronds bursting out of the top of the tall majestic trunks like the rays of the sun or an expansive fireworks display. Our stunning Palm tree charm can be worn as a reminder of these idyllic times.

Sea Shell Jewellery Charms: Vicky’s blog

As I mentioned in my last blog – we have just recently launched a range of charm bracelets and of course the unique thing about charm bracelets is that you can add your choice of special unique pieces to the bracelet, with that in mind we have also created a range of clip on charms to add to your collection.
These sweet charms are easy to attach and take off your bracelet as they come complete with a “lobster claw” clasp

A symbol of life, internal harmony, and the perfection of nature, the nautilus shell evokes a sense of mystery and awe. The chambers of the nautilus shell are symbolic of growth, evolution and renewal – the stages each individual passes through life. The spiral itself is a symbol of creation, movement, and fluidity. Our gorgeous nautilus shell charm captures these attributes perfectly and would make the perfect statement piece to give a serene sense of balance and well-being.

Sea turtles have roamed the Earth’s oceans for the last 100 million years. But sea turtle populations are now on the decline. We have produced an elegant unique charm to immortalise these precious creatures of the sea.

The penguin captivates our attention and our imagination, they always seem to be so “elegantly dressed” in their wee “tuxedos and formal attire” as they strut confidently on land as well as being able to express its heart and joy swimming and diving effortlessly in the ocean. They are also an example of endearing love and commitment as they are known to mate for life – what better way to symbolise your love and commitment than to wear a beautiful Penguin Charm.

Starfish are incredible creature of the deep sea and have been a maritime symbol for thousands of years. Just as stars do, the starfish can represent guidance and direction. How lucky you would be if you were strolling the shore and come across this beautiful creature, the wearer of our cute wee Starfish Charm, embellished with Paua shell in the colours of the sea, will be reminded of these attributes and their idyllic surroundings.

The cute wee Lighthouse Charm is inspired by those guardians of the sea standing vigil on coastlines all over the world keeping sea faring folk safe from disaster


Nothing is more relaxing than the time I spend wandering along the beach near my home and I love coming across a beautiful seashell. In fact in some island paradises it is known that the shells are so big that you can hold them up to your ear and hear the noise of the ocean rushing through them.
Seashells have a long history of magical uses, as they were associated with the powers of various sea gods and goddesses of different cultures.
Seashells come in every shape, colour and size. And while they make for beautiful pieces of Jewelry, art and conversation pieces, seashells have much more significance than you might think. It is said that every species of sea creature holds its own message, some perhaps a few.
We have created a trio of Seashell Charms to remind you of Island paradises, golden sand beaches bathed in sunlight and the idyllic magical feelings surrounding these places.

Seashell Jewelry

Mother’s day

The second Sunday in May marks a very important occasion on calendars here in New Zealand and in fact all around the world. -Mother’s Day and I would love to share with you some interesting history and traditions surrounding this day.

The first Mother’s Day
Celebrations of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who held festivals in honour of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele, but the modern holiday of Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Her campaign to make Mother’s Day a recognized holiday in the United States began in 1905, the year her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, died. Ann Jarvis had been a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War, and created Mother’s Day Work Clubs to address public health issues. Anna Jarvis wanted to honour her mother by continuing the work she started and to set aside a day to honour all mothers because she believed a mother is “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world”.

Mother’s Day traditions around the world
Although the idea of Mother’s Day started as an American tradition and continues to be the main country of observance, there are many celebrations outside of the US.

Belgium’s tradition has men bringing mothers breakfast in bed. In China, Mother’s Day has become popular, with carnations as the Chinese association as well. But the main aim of China’s 1997 established Mother’s Day was to improve the quality of life for poor mothers, especially those in rural China.

France’s Mother’s Day also has a philanthropic theme. The low birth rates of the later nineteenth century inspired a need for a day to honour mothers who birthed many children. In 1920, an official holiday for mothers of large families was established, expanding to commend all mothers in 1950.

Germany adopted Muttertag in 1920 to try and encourage childbearing. During this period, Germany’s birth-rate was the lowest in all of Europe. This first version of the holiday was seen as a celebration of motherhood rather than individual mothers, where societies would give support to mothers of large families. The holiday has since evolved to the more common traditions of Mother’s Day.

Celebrations in the Netherlands can be attributed to the efforts of florists in the 1920s. In order to encourage business, groups protecting Dutch florists promoted the holiday with campaigns. It received some criticism for being a little commercialistic but some still celebrate the holiday today.

Nepal’s Mata Tirtha Aunsi festival is celebrated by giving gifts and worshipping mothers. Observers also honour deceased mothers. One tradition is to make a pilgrimage to the Mata Tirtha ponds.

Here in New Zealand many people remember their mothers and mother figures on Mother’s Day. Mother figures may include stepmothers, relatives, mothers-in-law, a guardian (e.g. a foster parent), or a family friend.

Mother’s Day is a chance for you to do something special, and show mothers everywhere just how much they are appreciated by maybe giving cards, flowers, or cakes, having family gatherings or visits. Phone calls, particularly from children who live away from their mothers and/or mother figures or Mother’s Day poems and messages.

Ariki New Zealand Jewellery Gifts

And of course – the gifting of jewellery on Mother’s Day is still a time honoured tradition.

Here at Ariki New Zealand it is a very busy time for us as people honour the most important “Mothers” in their lives and we have several beautiful pieces of unique New Zealand Jewellery to choose from.

My own mother is certainly someone I care deeply about and her life is most definitely an inspiration not only to me but to all that know her. My 7 siblings and I were extremely blessed and lucky to have her as our “Mum” and in turn she now has been blessed with 19 Grandchildren and 15 Great Grandchildren. I have chosen a particularly precious piece of jewellery to honour my most precious “Mum”. The GP600 Fern Brooch: it is believed that if you are giving someone a fern as a gift, you are giving them the hope that they will have confidence, shelters, wealth, and happiness.

This is a great plant to give someone that you really care about. Just as this beautifully elegant brooch would most certainly be a great gift to symbolise this meaning.
So no matter which corner of the globe you live in I hope that you can take a moment on this special day to honour “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world”.

Charm Bracelets – New range (Vicky’s Blog


Created from either 22 carat gold plated or palladium chain links our charm bracelets are a perfect way to build a collection of special pieces and memories to take with you wherever you go.

We have produced a range of four charm bracelets to start your collection and each bracelet comes complete with one gorgeous Paua Shell charm already attached.


The eternal symbol of love – The beautiful Paua Shell heart on our elegant timeless piece of jewellery symbolises the love of many things – including those for whom we may purchase it.

New Zealand Paua is considered the rarest and most beautiful in the world and is loved and treasured by all that may wear it.


Sea turtles have roamed the Earth’s oceans for the last 100 million years. But sea turtle populations are now on the decline.

We have produced an elegant piece of jewellery to immortalise these precious creatures of the sea. I was blessed enough to see one of these majestic creatures myself recently when I snorkelled in the crystal clear waters of New Caledonia and they certainly are a sight to behold.


The Kiwi is a native flightless bird unique to New Zealand – just as unique as our beautiful Paua.

It is widely known as an iconic symbol of our country as well as being the colloquial name fondly given to all New Zealanders.  Our cute wee Kiwi jewellery piece symbolises our national pride and is truly treasured by all that wear it.

What a perfect way to honour this pride and memories of our beautiful country by wearing the cute wee Kiwi Charm on your bracelet.


The kangaroo is a marsupial with large, powerful hind legs, large feet adapted for leaping, a long muscular tail for balance, and a small head.

These animals native to Australia, are the unofficial symbol for the country.

Charm Bracelets

Our beautiful piece of jewellery may be worn with pride by both Australians and those who have visited this beautiful country and seen this majestic animal for themselves.

New Range of Products – Vicky’s Blog

Hello everyone it seems like such a long time since I have sat down and “talked to you” but life at Ariki New Zealand and beyond gets very busy at times! With so many new and exciting things happening along the way!

Let me introduce the newest addition to our family, my precious “princess” – Granddaughter Alaska who was born on 7th January 2019 – the perfect New Year’s present.

Her big brother Oaklyn just adores her as you will see from the photo below.

It is just the same here at Ariki New Zealand Ltd. We have recently launched a brand new lot of products to add to our range!

I absolutely love new things!! And it is so exciting to see them go right through from the design process to the initial prototypes and beyond to the final product.

So also let me also introduce to you Ariki New Zealand’s latest “offspring”. Follow this blog for updates in the upcoming days!