New Zealand: a backdrop of snow covered mountains

It has been autumn going through to winter in our beautiful country and I have had the opportunity to trip around and visit some of the stores and experience some breath taking scenery along the way.

The trees make a spectacular display of reds, browns, golds and yellows with a backdrop of snow covered mountains and crisp clear blue/green lakes streams and rivers. The colours of our unique New Zealand shell, the Paua, are mirrored in the landscape.

But this made me think about the other places in the world our unique product travels to from our wee base here in Blenheim New Zealand.

We have stores all over the world who sell our jewellery and I was amazed when I first started out on this journey of discovery to find out just where it went to and love to “google” the locations to find out a bit more about these places.

Just this week we have exported to The Caribbean, The Bahamas, England, United States, Germany, France and The Maldives just to name a few.

It makes me so proud to know I play a small part in getting our wee “piece of New Zealand” to these far off lands and people get to enjoy our unique and beautiful product.



Vicky’s blog: Classical pieces of “sea opal” and the myriad of colours

I would like to take time this week to feature a few of the classical pieces I have come across in my journey through the jewellery making process.

Our designers have the experience and passion to create the highest quality handcrafted jewellery.

They gather their inspiration from our awe inspiring surroundings here in New Zealand and then only the very best Paua shell is selected with the greatest care to adorn the 22Carat Gold and Palladium plated pieces.

My personal favourite is our GP802 pendant – it showcases the myriad of colours of the Paua Shell or “sea opal” to perfection.


However it is difficult to choose just one as each one is so unique and precious.


(click on the images to view details)



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