New Zealand: a backdrop of snow covered mountains

It has been autumn going through to winter in our beautiful country and I have had the opportunity to trip around and visit some of the stores and experience some breath taking scenery along the way.

The trees make a spectacular display of reds, browns, golds and yellows with a backdrop of snow covered mountains and crisp clear blue/green lakes streams and rivers. The colours of our unique New Zealand shell, the Paua, are mirrored in the landscape.

But this made me think about the other places in the world our unique product travels to from our wee base here in Blenheim New Zealand.

We have stores all over the world who sell our jewellery and I was amazed when I first started out on this journey of discovery to find out just where it went to and love to “google” the locations to find out a bit more about these places.

Just this week we have exported to The Caribbean, The Bahamas, England, United States, Germany, France and The Maldives just to name a few.

It makes me so proud to know I play a small part in getting our wee “piece of New Zealand” to these far off lands and people get to enjoy our unique and beautiful product.



Vicky’s Blog: Rightful names of birth

Some of you may have noticed that the products on our website have now been officially been given their “rightful names of birth” – that is that I have spoken with the designers and found out the inspiration behind each and every product.

What an honour and a truly fascinating journey I have been on learning the history and inspiration behind our uniquely beautiful pieces of jewellery across all the different ranges – from the sterling silver jewellery, the Greenstone (Jade) jewellery right through to the “shining star” of our range – the uniquely special New Zealand Shell – The Paua Shell.

I have now been able to share these “wee stories” with you all by publishing them to the Website. This has been a truly proud moment for me as my journey within the industry continues.
Here is a few examples for you but please feel free to take the time to read about your favourite products.

GP801/PO801 Ornate Heart shaped Pendant
“The eternal symbol of love – The beautiful Paua Shell heart on our elegant timeless pieces of jewellery symbolises the love of many things – including those for whom we may purchase it.”
New Zealand Paua is considered the rarest and most beautiful in the world and is loved by all that may wear it. ”



GP803/PO803 Crocus Pendant

“With the emergence of springtime the crocus flower is one of the very first to bloom, It is often referred to as the light bulb flower because it looks like a bright light bulb until the petals unfurl into the cup shaped flower. It is no wonder it has a reputation as a symbol of cheerfulness and glee as it brings the landscape alive with colour after a long winter. Our cheerful bright pendant will remind the wearer of these wonderful feelings.”


SE11 Star shine Earrings – Sterling Silver
“The ideal gift for someone who shines like the stars in the night and fills your life with light. Their eyes may sparkle like stars and you don’t want to take your eyes off of them.
Just like the diamonds in the sky these sterling silver Star shine earrings sparkle and shine when worn.”


The latest of our design process (Vicky’s Blog)

We have had two new additions to our range this week and I am so excited to announce their arrival!
It is always so exciting to see the “birth” of a new item. Right through from the time someone comes up with the new idea, the design process using drawings and then computer images, the production of a carved “master” which will be used to form a metal piece from which the rubber mould can be formed and the casting process is then used to produce the finished item ready to be plated.
Of course there may be changes along the way and refinements to the product before it can meet our exacting standards.
The latest of our design process has resulted in the Nautilus Shell and the Palm Tree.

GP588/ PO588 available in both 22 carat gold and Palladium plated.


A symbol of life, internal harmony, and the perfection of nature, the nautilus shell evokes a sense of mystery and awe. The chambers of the nautilus shell are symbolic of growth, evolution and renewal – the stages each individual passes through life. The spiral itself is a symbol of creation, movement, and fluidity. Our gorgeous nautilus shell pendant captures these attributes perfectly and would make the perfect statement piece to give a serene sense of balance and well-being.




GP589/PO589 available in both 22 carat gold and Palladium plated

Palm trees evoke pleasant memories of good times spent whiling away sun filled days and relaxing vacations on golden sandy beaches with their fronds bursting out of the top of the tall majestic trunks like the rays of the sun or an expansive fireworks display. Our stunning Palm tree pendant can be worn as a reminder of these idyllic times.



Our cute wee Dutch windmill pendant. Characteristic of the Dutch landscape and a Holland Souvenir

Wow – I am always learning new things in this industry and that is why I absolutely love my job!

This week I had the privilege of being involved in launching the Dutch Windmill pendant to the market globally.
Let me tell you a little bit of what I have learnt about the windmill during this process.



If you are fortunate enough to be in Holland on the second weekend in May you will witness their National Mill day – where 950 windmills and watermills open their doors to visitors. Historically the Dutch became very innovative when it came to keeping out the water. They built dykes, fortifications and last but not least wind and watermills to create new land. Our cute wee Dutch windmill pendant pays homage to these mills which are characteristic of the Dutch landscape as well as the innovative people who built them.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to actually visit Holland myself but who knows where in the world this job may take me???





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Unique to New Zealand’s environmentally pure coastal waters (Vicky’s Blog)

This week I have had the privilege of travelling around our pristine beautiful country – New Zealand and visiting some stores a little further from home.

It was mid-summer here in “The Land of the Great White Cloud” as New Zealand is affectionately known and I have experienced some perfect long hot summers days as I travelled around, and have had the opportunity to see some absolutely stunning breath-taking scenery.

The Paua Shell is unique to New Zealand’s environmentally pure coastal waters and its opalescent blues, rich greens, pastel pinks and purples mimic the colours of our land – from the most brilliant blue of the summer sky to the greens of the native bush covered hills, the pinks and purples of our sun rises and sun sets – the ripples of our pristine clear lakes and waterways the white of our glaciers – it is essentially the most beautiful shell that nature ever intended.

It is this country and this shell which has inspired our designers to create the most stunning classical pieces of jewellery. I feel truly proud to be a small part of this process as well as living in this remarkable country.

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