The company was established in 1932 when a Marlborough family saw the potential of the Paua shell to be the focal point of a unique New Zealand jewellery collection. Their ambition has resulted in the Ariki Paua collection being widely sold in New Zealand and throughout the world.

Ariki today

The name Ariki is from the Maori language and means “The Chief” or “The Best” – a promise that Ariki jewellery is of the highest quality, in terms of both materials and workmanship. Ariki’s manufacturing operation is still based in Blenheim (New Zealand’s sunshine capital and largest grape growing district) at the northern end of New Zealand’s South Island.

Ariki jewellery combines the intrinsic beauty of the Paua shell with finely crafted Gold plated and Palladium plated, as well as 925 Sterling Silver, settings to create an international collection of jewellery – The Ariki Collection.