We welcome interest from wholesale and retail customers.

Ariki New Zealand Limited have been designing and manufacturing quality natural jewellery since 1932. In this time Ariki has built a strong relationship with its wholesale and retail customers. Ariki has an ongoing commitment to ensuring quality and high standards.

We offer various presentation packages that work successfully in the retail sector. We offer high quality packaging and all jewellery is supplied in attractive purpose designed leatherette boxes. Each jewellery box contains a multi lingual explanatory booklet. The jewellery presentation boxes are blue for the Paua collection, green for the Greenstone (jade) collection and grey for the Black Lipped Mother of Pearl collection.

Carousel display stands are available to create a feature in-store display. Display cards, posters and other merchandising material is also available on request.

The International Support System

Ariki jewellery is sold in more than 15 countries throughout the world.

There have been many attempted imitations of Ariki’s jewellery but none have achieved such enduring success.
Such success is due to Ariki’s total commitment to excellence in design, manufacture and wholesale distribution. An additional important factor has been Ariki’s dedicated sales support system. Overseas distributors and local retailers can relax with the knowledge that Ariki can be totally relied upon to meet supply deadlines, to guarantee consistent quality and to continue to be innovative in adapting new designs to meet changing consumer fashion demands.

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