New Year Gifts

Christmas Gifts: reflecting and finding balance for the New Year

Shapes – Shapes are found everywhere in our lives – and sometimes it is good to take time out to just stop and actually see them – to take notice of their lines and their meanings. Christmas holidays are the perfect time to stop and reflect on your year gone by and forward to the New Year ahead.

Yin Yang Pendant


One important thing I value in life is balance – the balance between work and rest, between family and friends and between busyness and relaxation.
Our Yin Yang Pendant is the perfect reminder of these factors.
On one side we have a stunning Paua Shell Cabochon with its crystal iridescent colours and on the other a solid panel embellished with patterns.
Christmas holidays are the perfect time to reflect and find this balance. Holidays spent with family and friends while enjoying the festive season are surely memories to be cherished. Just as this unique piece of New Zealand jewellery would be cherished by its wearer.

Yin Yang Pendant


PE135/PE235 – Ovoid Earrings
GP911/PO911 – Ovoid Ring
GP845/PO845 – Ovoid Pendant

The precious ovoid or egg shaped Paua Shell cabochon is nestled gently inside the elegant frame of these fine pieces of jewellery. Certainly a treasure to behold.
Curved shapes offer rhythm and movement, happiness, pleasure and generosity. They are seen as more feminine than sharp shapes and our perfect oval of the Ovoid is no exception.


Ovoid Pendant



PE174/PE274 – Ornate Oval Earrings
PO834/GP834 – Plain Oval Pendant
PO950/GP950 – Scalloped Oval Bracelet

The soft curve of the oval Paua Shell Cabochon in this beautiful jewellery piece is very feminine, elegant and timeless, it is sure to add glamour and appeal to any special outfit on any occasion – including those special Christmas parties. The sleek curves of the double bands below add to this femininity.
To accessorise these beautiful earrings I team them up with the Plain Oval Pendant and the Scalloped Oval Bracelet – a perfect match of fine New Zealand Jewellery.

Scalloped Oval Bracelet



PB939/GB939 – Rectangle Bangle

Continuing with the shapes theme – Our Rectangle Bangle is a classical statement piece of jewellery – The rectangle shape of the Paua Shell Cabochon shows the beautiful colours of the shell in its full glory – a myriad of colours which change with the angle at which they are viewed.
This is a perfect statement piece for that special lady in your life.

Rectangle Bangle

Long Bar

PE124/PE224 – Long Bar Earrings

These beautiful stunning long bar earrings represent understated elegance and sophistication. The striking combination of smooth sleek lines and the beauty of the Paua Shell Cabochon combine to make a set of jewellery that can be worn with pride – the perfect accessory to our Rectangle Bangle.

Long Bar Earrings

Sydney Opera House

Christmas Gifts: Australian and Dutch Souvenirs

Our designers also have other countries covered when it comes to special unique pieces of New Zealand Jewellery.
Several members of my extended family have lived in Australia for quite a few years now, and although they are true New Zealanders in their hearts they certainly have come to love their adopted country.
Our designers have created a range of Australian inspired jewellery and so I have the ideal chance to purchase just the right gifts for my “Australian” family

Gum Leaf Earrings


The native Australian people – the Aboriginal traditionally used the gum-leaf as a musical instrument. As the name suggests, the tree leaf was held against the lips and blown. Originally intended to imitate bird-calls, the gum-leaf can also be used to play tunes. Our striking Gum leaf earrings with its stunning Nephrite Jade Cabochon has a traditional timeless elegance all of its own.

Gum Leaf Earrings

Oblong Pendant


Our statement piece the Oblong stylises traditional Aboriginal art work.
From the beginning of time the Aborigines have told “Dreamtime” stories to each generation in order to keep their stories in their culture alive and to educate their people about their place on earth.
Stories are told about the stars, planets, the land, animals, “bush tucker”, hunting and ancestors through Aboriginal Art to help tell the stories of their history and culture.
The artwork on our beautiful pendant symbolises some of the native flora and fauna of the awe inspiring country of Australia. But you will agree with me when I say that this striking piece of jewellery could be inspired by any countries surroundings. A treasure to behold.

Oblong Pendant

Sydney Opera House Pendant


The iconic Sydney Opera house sits as a focal point in the middle of Sydney City Harbour.
It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 20th October, 1973.
There is no doubt that the Sydney Opera House is a masterpiece. It is one of the great iconic buildings of the 20th century, an image of great beauty that has become known throughout the world – a symbol for not only a city, but a whole country and continent.
What better way to honour any special family member living in Sydney, or for that matter have visited Sydney, than gifting them a Sydney Opera House Pendant.

Sydney Opera House Pendant

Dutch Windmill Pendant


A very dear friend of mine has been lucky enough to visit Hollard this year and timed her visit with their National Mill Day on the second weekend in May where 950 windmills and watermills open their doors to visitors.
Historically the Dutch became very innovative when it came to keeping out the water. They built dykes, fortifications and last but not least wind and watermills to create new land. Our cute wee Dutch windmill Paua Shell Jewellery pendant pays homage to these mills which are characteristic of the Dutch landscape as well as the innovative people who built them. I plan to surprise her with a unique tribute to this unique experience.

Windmill Pendant

Christmas Gifts to Friends and Family

Tis the season…. Well very nearly! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by! It seems like only yesterday that I was talking to you about Christmas last year and here we are with it nearly upon us again!

It is at this time of the year that I begin to think about all the very special pieces of Ariki New Zealand Jewellery that are dear to my heart and most importantly those that I may give as gifts to my friends and family.

Let me share a few with you….and maybe give you a few ideas for the special people in your lives too.
I would like to begin with a few pieces our designers have created with nature themes in mind.

Leaf Earrings


I adore these wee earrings which remind me so much of the trees in the native bush surrounding my home. I think that trees with their whispering leaves are at the heart of Mother Nature…they remind us of all that is simple and pure in the world. Our beautiful Leaf jewellery symbolises this special bond we have with these trees. The perfect gift for the gardener or nature lover in your life.

Leaf Earrings

Laurel Leaf Earrings


The humble laurel leaf has long been associated with Creativity. Laurel leaves were commonly put under pillows at night to gain inspiration through dreams our designers used their own creativity when they created this beautiful laurel leave complete with its own “shadow” or mirror image behind. I plan to give these beautiful earrings to a very dear friend of mine who inspires regularly me with her imagination and creativity.

Paua Earrings

Fox Glove Flower Earrings


The foxglove flower is enchanting for its sheer beauty but traditionally it was thought to be a kind of magnet for fairies, lending itself to a magical air of mystery.
On a recent trip to the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand I was captivated by the thousands of Foxglove Flowers growing on the side of the highway. They certainly reminded me of our Beautiful Paua Shell Earrings.
The Paua Shell cabochons on our Fox Glove Earrings are a myriad of colours just as the real flowers are and they shine and sparkle when viewed at different angles – adding their own touch of magic.

Fox Glove Flower Earrings


Chrysalis Pendant


This year was a challenging time for one of my darling sisters as her husband of over 40 years passed away – but I have seen her go from strength to strength as she learns a new way of life without her soul mate by her side. To honour these inspirational changes I plan to gift her our gorgeous Chrysalis Pendant.
Just as the caterpillar is protectively encased in its Chrysalis before immerging as a stunningly beautiful butterfly the Paua Shell cabochon on our Chrysalis pendant is nestled within the sleek smooth curves of the surrounding panel. This reminds the wearer of a stage in their life where they feel they need to rest and recuperate before blossoming into a life filled with new possibilities.

Chrysalis Pendant


I recently produced the art work above to honour this special place and incorporated some of our very precious and unique Paua Shell into the design to represent the sea.
I am also proud to be involve in the exclusive and important part that Ariki New Zealand play in the history of our island paradise and showcasing the unique Paua Shell Jewellery to the world.

Filigree Hook Pendant


The beautiful kowhaiwhai or scroll like patterns on this classic fish hook pendant are designed to represent the importance and significance of family, relationships and connections.
To New Zealand’s native people the Maori, The fish hook symbol is said to represent prosperity and safe travel over water.
Our clever designers have incorporated both the kowhaiwhai filigree and fish hook motif into this one design.

To me the gorgeous Paua Shell Cabochon on this piece also perfectly captures the colours of the sea surrounding our island paradise country.
Traditionally Maori were very reliant on the bounty they caught from the sea to survive. It constituted a large amount of their daily food needs and with it Maori flourished as a people. Maori had a very strong connection to Tangaroa, god of the sea and attributed this abundance to him.

Fish Hook Pendants

I can only guess, but think that because of the strong connection to Tangaroa, wearing a fish hook over water would ensure safe passage because it shows a level of respect to Tangaroa for the bounty he provided.

The Kowhaiwhai pattern itself is stylised on the Koiri traditional Maori pattern which means to flourish.
I wear this special unique time honoured New Zealand Jewellery piece to signify my special connection to the sea by which I live and the abundance of sea food or Kaimoana that my Maori neighbours so generously provide.

Filigree Hook Pendant GP553

Yin Yang Pendant – Paua Shell

Yin Yang Pendant GP576/PO576   

Yin / Yang: Two halves that together complete wholeness. Providing Balance.

Yin is characterised as slow, soft, yielding, and is associated with water, earth, the moon, femininity, and night-time. Perfectly symbolised by our beautiful Paua Shell Cab with its crystal, iridescent colours of greens pinks, turquoise and blues.

Yang, by contrast, is fast, hard, solid, focused, hot, dry, and is associated with fire, sky, the sun, masculinity and daytime. Featured on our piece as the solid side the pendant also features traditional Aboriginal art work to symbolise these characteristics.

The yin yang meaning and symbol date back to ancient China. The symbol represents the belief that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary.

You can witness the perfection of yin and yang in nature. There is birth (spring), growth (summer), aging (fall), and death (winter). The cycle then begins anew with spring. This is nature’s cycle of existence in balance and harmony.

Other examples of yin yang:

Ocean tides: The tides are cyclical and rise and fall in a never-ending continuous motion. I witness these forces almost daily from the ocean which laps gently on the shore in the bay in which I live.

Day and night: The turning of the Earth generates the pattern of the rising sun and the setting sun. This generates day and night.

I wear this gorgeous elegant piece to restore my “balance”, realigning my spirit and ultimately making me feel calm, energised and alive just as I do when I am standing looking at the idyllic view of the ocean.