Jewelry Gifts from Ariki New Zealand


If you will spend Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary or any special occasion with your loved ones, you may now be worried on what to give her a gift. Well, there are lots of choices in store for you and for your satisfaction. You can give her flowers, books, chocolates and a lot of things, so far.

Nevertheless, that very special gift a woman usually appreciates on her special occasion is jewelry. It is not just for the purpose of completing a getup. Each time that jewelry is worn, it will remind her of you as the giver. This is something that she can proudly show off to her classmates and friends.

Now, the main question is what kind of jewelry you think you can give to your girlfriend or wife? Where do you think is the best place to buy this? Worry no more since there is a better place to shop amazing and unique jewelry gifts with jewelry gifts from Ariki New Zealand.

Ariki is a NZ designer and manufacturer based in Blenheim. Ariki is the largest manufacture of jewelries in NZ that specializes in Paua shell jewelry, gift items and souvenir. They also have a wide selection of greenstone and black lipped mother of pearl jewelry products for women and men. These usually include bracelets, pendants, earrings, brooches, tiepins and bangles.

There are lots of jewelry gifts available at Ariki New Zealand. Prior to ordering one, you need to consider the taste of the receiver. What type of jewelry does she usually wear? Does she love wearing necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets? Is her jewelry chunky and big? Is it delicate and thin? What type of colors and styles does she love to have? If you see her wearing blue quite often, it is a safe bet to buy her jewelry in those colors.

At Ariki New Zealand, you can find any types of jewelry gifts. You can also find a wide selection of the following:

  • Bracelets and bangles
  • Cufflinks and tie bars
  • Earrings
  • Indigenous products
  • Bbrooches
  • Jewellery
  • NZ jewellery
  • Necklaces
  • Religious jewelries
  • Rings
  • Sea life
  • Pendant

All of the parts needed in making Ariki jewelry gifts collection are sourced out from Ariki’s factory. But not like other jewelry manufacturer based in New Zealand, the NZ based company has employed skilled workers to make high quality products that are most deserved by the customers.

Ariki’s jewelries actually need extra care. Thus, never let them get exposed to perfumes, detergents as well as hair sprays. The substances coming from these products penetrate the lacquer and lead only to damage. It is also suggested to remove Ariki’s jewellery before participating in any activity.

If you look for the best and most unique jewelry gifts for the special occasion, look no further than jewelry gifts from Ariki New Zealand. Aside from being fashionable and unique, the selections are also reasonable and affordable. Call the company now for jewelry gifts or shop now!

Jade Brooches: Beautiful New Zealand Pounamu


For the people of New Zealand, the Greenstone or NZ Jade, popularly known as Pounamu, is beyond just a souvenir because it has a significant spiritual treasure. The beautiful New Zealand Pounamu can be found in different places in the West Coast. This stone has been prized for its beauty, durability and strength.
Historically, Pounamu was used by the Maori as personal ornaments, weapons and tools. It’s also a denotation of having a great status in the society. Nowadays, the beauty of Pounamu is still appreciated because these jade brooches can be found in several galleries and shops in the West Coast. Arahura River in the Jade Country is the birthplace of this beautiful Pounamu, in the north of Hokitika.

Guardian of Pounamu
According to the legend, Poutini is the guardian of the Pounamu. Poutini is also a Taniwha, a giant water-being who abducted Waitaiki, a beautiful Maori woman from the North Island. He took her to the south and to the Arahura River eventually. Tamaahua, the husband of Waitaiki gave them a chase. Poutini feared the determination and strength of Tamaahua but he wants Waitaiki for himself and that if he could not have her, no one should. He transformed Waitaiki into a Pounamu then rested her in the stony waters of the Arahura River. The fragments of Jade broke off and rolled down the river flowing to the seas are believed to be Waitaiki’s offspring.

Finding Pounamu on the Beach
For fossickers, you still have the chance to take home a Pounamu home. You can find pieces of Pounamu that were washed down by storm along the beach. The outer skin of jade brooches appears to be grey or milky and have a soapy texture. Sometimes, you can be lucky to find green pieces of Pounamu that are already smoothed due to natural processes. However, remember that Pounamu that are found somewhere else are not allowed to be taken. You can only be a fossicker on beaches.

Buying Pounamu
Pounamu are very strong jade brooches known for the beauty they possess. Local artisans and Maori were all drawn to the power of these jade brooches for many centuries and it’s now widely-used in the making of sculptures and jewelry. There are 5 main types of New Zealand Pounamu: Kahurangi, Kkopu, Inanga, Kawakawa and Tangiwai. All of these types have their own unique features and look.
One of the finest arts and crafts companies is Ariki New Zealand Greenstone Jewellery. The company works with the best Pounamu carvers and greenstone artists. All of Ariki’s artists share a common passion for jade brooches and are purely-driven to create beautiful carvings with the highest standards. They all work tirelessly to craft pieces of Pounamu carvings and greenstone jewelry that you can buy.

Ariki Greenstone Jewellery
Ariki New Zealand Greenstone Jewellery carves life into stone. Each of the pieces they created is hand-finished to ensure quality. Jade brooches have soft finishes, smooth lines, no cuts and no scratches. The products they sell are unique and personalized. If you want to buy your own New Zealand Pounamu greenstone, you can visit to find out more about the carvings, greenstones and sculptures available for purchase.

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New Zealand Jewellery: A Precious Memory

In terms of sophisticated, vintage, stylistic and modern jewellery, every woman has her distinct signature style and favorite item. New Zealand is a country located between Antarctica to the south and Australia to the north. The country has a population of 5 million and they are famous on their stunning scenery and international sport division. Apart from this, New Zealand is also well-known for their Maori jewellery, Maori cravings, Maori culture and their indigenous people called Tangata Whenua.

Maori are popular in different parts of the world for their remarkable carvings which usually diverge from sculptures to jewellery. The Maori jewellery can also be carved from various sources but the most common are shell, wood, bone and jade. Once the jewellery piece is engraved, there is a unique meaning behind the chosen design and shape. Here, you will discover and learn the different meanings behind the commonly used Maori designs.


  • Hei MatauThis is also known as fish-hook. This design signifies prosperity. In the present time, it symbolizes good health, determination and strength. Aside from this, it offers safe adventure over water. This is one of the reasons why Hei Matau is a very popular piece of New Zealand jewellery for those people who are traveling overseas.
  • Hei Tiki This jewellery piece of Maori is usually represents a good fortune charm that is being passed from one generation to another. It is considered as the talisman of Maori people and of New Zealand. The wearer of this Maori design expected to have character and strength.
  • Circle The path of life with no end or no beginning.
  • Pikopiko Pikopiko is Māori for young curled shoots of ferns.
  • Triple or Double Twist This is recognized as the most famous Maori design. The single twist speaks of individual people, the triple and double twist refers to the joining of cultures or people for eternity through lows and highs. They stay bonded by loyalty and friendship for life.
  • Single Twist This is also known as the joining of two individuals. Even if they move away, their life’s journey will have their respective paths meet again.
  • Koru Based on the fern frond, this symbolizes the creation. It signifies peace, strength, growth and new life. The circle shape of this design helps to express the perpetual movement idea while the interior coil recommends reappearance to the original point.

Maori Designs for Jewellery and Carving

  • Koropepe It is a symbol of new beginnings and youth, prosperity and abundance.
  • Turtle It is the sea navigation symbol.
  • Whale It symbolizes protection.
  • Dolphin It also represents protection and the wearer has alike-mindedness with the sea.
  • Heart This design usually indicated generosity, compassion, emotional balance and love.
  • Drop It signified pride, unity, independence and strength. This design is also known as excellent comfort carving.

Indeed, New Zealand jewellery is a precious memory to all people.

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