Vicky’s blog: Classical pieces of “sea opal” and the myriad of colours

I would like to take time this week to feature a few of the classical pieces I have come across in my journey through the jewellery making process.

Our designers have the experience and passion to create the highest quality handcrafted jewellery.

They gather their inspiration from our awe inspiring surroundings here in New Zealand and then only the very best Paua shell is selected with the greatest care to adorn the 22Carat Gold and Palladium plated pieces.

My personal favourite is our GP802 pendant – it showcases the myriad of colours of the Paua Shell or “sea opal” to perfection.


However it is difficult to choose just one as each one is so unique and precious.


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Vicky’s blog: A beautiful piece of jewellery – certainly a gift to treasure for a lifetime

As I mentioned last week we sell our pieces to retail stores all over the world however we are also able to supply our products to those people who are unable to visit these stores via our website.

You can literally pour over the selection of jewellery for hours before selecting the ideal piece to gift to someone special.

This week I was involved in the special task of the packaging and dispatch of these items.

I took care to package these treasures carefully and delicately before sending them off to countries such as Russia, USA, and England to name but a few.

I thought about the person receiving these gifts, opening them to reveal a beautiful piece of jewellery – certainly a gift to treasure for a lifetime.

Gift Wrap 001


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Vicky’s blog: Right time to get on the road!

Right time to get on the road and find out where some of our product goes to!
Our little pieces grace the shelves of stores all over the world and I would love one day to have the chance to visit some of these and see them for myself but in the meantime I have been fortunate enough to get out and about and visit some of our local retailers.

I travelled from Blenheim to Nelson on a stormy winters day around the winding hills draped in low cloud and misty drizzle but the view when I came to the top of the hill was well worth it.
The snow-capped mountains were mirrored in the dazzling blue sea and I found myself wondering if there was any Paua clinging to the rocky coastline.

The stores display our product beautifully, the pieces shine under the bright white lights and look absolutely stunning. The colours of the each shell piece changes when viewed from different angles

It is no wonder they are so popular with people from all over the world. I came away from the stores with a feeling of pride in our product, to know that all the care and attention that goes into producing the pieces pays off when you see them on display in stores.

To find a store nearby, please search here



Vicky’s blog: dispatching our products from our Warehouse

This week I have been involved in dispatching our products from our warehouse.
It is truly amazing to learn where our Jewelry ends up– we export to several countries around the world. From the vast expanse of the USA, to England, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Australia, Hawaii and The Maldives to name but a few.

The utmost care is taken to ensure our Jewelry is packed so it arrives safe and sound to all corners of the globe.

Thousands of items leave the warehouse each week and are tracked until they reach their destination safely.

It’s wonderful to know that somewhere in the world someone will be able to receive a small piece of New Zealand and have the chance to appreciate the beautiful awe inspiring coloured shell of the “Sea Opal”





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